Calling SA to use their strength-in-numbers…

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The Bad News…

Is This You?

Do you spend most of your monthly income on food, rent/bond, car instalments, fuel, medical aid, education, insurance (car, household, life, funeral) not forgeting cell phone charges (data and airtime)?

If So…

Do you know that an average household of 2 adults and 2 kids spend roughly R28 800 per year on car insurance, R40 000 on medical aid and R42 000 on groceries?

Think About It…

That’s a whopping R100 000 per year and almost R500 000 over 5 years (inflation excluded)! Now if you are one of those drivers who never claim from insurance, why doesn’t your insurer pay you back your premiums?

What Does The Constitution Say?

The preamble to the constitution states: ‘WE, the people of South Africa’…. Line 5 reads ‘SA belongs to all who live in it’, and the goal in line 9 is to ‘Improve the quality of life for all citizens’. But are you free?

What Can We Do?

You cannot do it alone! TWH connects South Africans to pool their monies to collaborate and prosper. Only once we’ve awakened to our strength in numbers will we all win.

What Can 1TWH Do For You

TWH brings together ordinary hardworking South Africans in their suburbs, towns and cities to look at alternatives to conventional insurance, banking, food, retail and fuel… in order to get more cash in our pockets…


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  1. Hi friends and colleagues… We’ve been talking about using our buying power for months now… The platform is finally here for us to do just that. I’d like to encourage you to sign-up on and take your future into your own hands….

    James Truter
    Founder & CEO


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