James Truter: What is the True Wealth Harvest Movement?

1TWH Picture

We are an online platform to mobilize, aggregate and organize South African consumers to awaken to their ‘strength in numbers’ and use this to their financial advantage, both now and over the long term. We believe that South Africans of all walks of life have a better future if they can collaborate more and do so in an equitable manner. We offer South Africans a 5 year membership to the 1TWH platform, where new members are required to pay a once off membership fee of R149 for the 5 years. This translates to less than R30 per year…or less than R2.50 a month.


Wealth for all

We believe that the time has come for a greater number of consumers to share in the wealth of the country.


We believe that all committed South Africans, black and white, must put their hands together to collectively profit.

People first

We believe that it is the ordinary hardworking people of this country that must come up with lasting solutions.

Alternative solutions

We believe that there are alternatives to the current practice of always enriching a handful of people.

Advancing others

We believe that the ticking time bomb of unemployment, poverty and inequality can be addressed by the TWH movement.

National prosperity

If consumer spending drives the economy, then surely masses with more income guarantees a turnaround of the economy?1TWH Picture


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